Do more with the Precision Master Stand Mixer

Assemble various attachments to the stand mixer's front power port and turn it into the most multi-functional appliance in your kitchen.

Pasta Extruder Attachment

Whip up fresh batches of pasta for family and friends! Includes 6 pasta plates and a storage case: Small Macaroni, Large Macaroni, Rigatoni, Fusilli, Bucatini, and Spaghetti.

$229.99 | $183.99

Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment

Connect the Pasta Roller and Cutter Attachment to your Precision Master Stand Mixer and make a variety of homemade pasta dishes. The Pasta Sheet Roller allows you to make fresh lasagne or hand-cut pasta with different thicknesses, while the other two cutters make Fettuccine and Spaghetti.

$269.99 | $215.99

Meat Grinder Attachment

Grind the ingredients you trust for a healthier, tastier dinner. This versatile attachment grinds meat, poultry, nuts and vegetables, and makes small to large sausages as well. All parts are easy to attach, detach, and clean.

$109.99 | $87.99

Fresh Fruit & Ice Cream Maker Attachment

Make fresh fruit desserts and ice cream in just 10-25 minutes! Once the bowl has frozen fully, remove from your freezer and lock into place on the stand mixer. Attach the fresh fruit or ice cream paddle, and get creative!

$109.99 | $87.99

Spiralizer / Slicer Attachment

Our Spiralizer / Slicer Attachment allows you to turn your Precision Master Stand Mixer into a kitchen workhorse, producing 8 different cuts of food: Slice / Ribbon, Crinkle Slice / Ribbon, Thin Shred / Spaghetti, and Wide Shred / Spaghetti.

$79.99 | $63.99