Innovative solutions

From the launch of the world's first food processor, Cuisinart has built its reputation as a provider of kitchen solutions designed to make your life easier, healthier and more efficient. A team of 600 designers and engineers worldwide are tasked with developing innovative concepts and making them come to life with smart design and precise engineering. A rigorous manufacturing process ensures that quality is built into every Cuisinart product. With industry leading warranties and a rich history of consumer satisfaction.

Cuisinart® Food Processor

Life made easier. Save time and energy in the kitchen.

It all started with our food processor - an innovation that made cooking easier back in 1973. Since that time, Cuisinart has proudly launched a complete assortment of kitchen appliances and products, but we haven't forgotten our heritage. Today's food processors are designed and built with even more versatility and functionality. Take our Elite Collection® 2.0 14 cup Food Processor, for example. This unit is equipped with everything you need to slice, shred, chop, puree, emulsify, mix and knead. Cuisinart's Sealtight® Advantage System seals bowls and locks blades. Equipped with 1300 watts peakpower and backed by a 20 year motor warranty - this unit is built to last.

Healthy Cooking with Cuisinart®

Healthy cooking made easy

Cuisinart makes it easy to introduce healthy eating options with multi-functional countertop ovens that can either Air Fry or Steam along with all other traditional cooking functions. Enjoy crisp and tasty fried foods in a more healthy way with our Air Fryer Convection Oven - get "deep-fry" results with little or no oil. Designed with an extra large, powerful overhead fan, air effectively circulates foods to provide great "fried" results without the need to turn food over.

Steam cooking is another healthy cooking method that is made easy with Cuisinart's Combo Steam + Convection Oven. Maintain the nutrients and moisture of your favourite foods by steam cooking. A large water reservoir is thoughtfully integrated into the sleek, compact design of the unit to give you 2 hours of uninterrupted steaming.

Cuisinart® Waffle Maker

Creative inspiration for your inner chef!

Cuisinart turned waffle making on its head with the design of the one of a kind Vertical Waffle Maker. Not only does this unit make it easy to make the perfect waffle without any spills or leaks, it's just … fun! Sometimes you need to turn things around to get creative. We know that the Vertical Waffle Maker has encouraged many to get creative in the kitchen with their very own waffle art.