Classic Naan

Classic Naan

Servings: 12


  • 3 cups (750ml) Unbleached All Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup (250ml) Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1 tbsp. (15ml) White Granular Sugar
  • 3/4 tsp. (3ml) Active Dry Yeast
  • 1 1/2 tsp. (6ml) Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp. (4ml) Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup (63ml) Water – room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (188ml) Whole Milk – room temperature
  • 1 cup (250ml) Greek Yogurt
  • Unsalted Butter or Ghee – for brushing as needed


Combine yeast, sugar, and lukewarm water and let stand for 10 minutes, or until foamy

Combine flours, baking powder, and baking soda in the Elite Collection 12-cup (3 L) Food Processor fitted with chopping blade

Process the dry ingredients to combine for 10 seconds

Processor running, gradually add milk, yogurt and yeast mixture until dough forms

Continue to process for an additional minute to knead dough

Transfer dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with tea towel, let rise for an hour or until doubled in size

When dough has risen, punch down and turn out on a well-floured surface

Divide dough in half, then divide each half into eight pieces of equal size

Roll each piece out into a thin oval approximately 6 inches long and 1/8 inch thick

Preheat the International Chef Crepe, Pizzelle, Pancake Plus with Flat plates in the closed position

Adjust temperature set to high, once preheated, carefully open to the flat position

Brush plates with butter or ghee, place dough on each plate, brush surface with butter

Cook for 2 minutes per side or until nicely browned in spots, remove and cool on rack and repeat